It isn’t extremely long ago that web designers loved to show off their skills. They used to fill up websites with animations and illustrations to wow the visitors. Gradually, the way to design websites changed significantly. The designers shifted their focus on the introduction of the real life to the screen. Uses of drop shadows and realistic textures increased significantly.

The use of realistic designs gradually gave way minimalism in web designing. And with time, minimalist trend of web design led to another form of design – flat design.

Well, Flat Design isn’t flat or mundane – as the name might suggest. Instead, it’s one of the most popular forms of web design these days. The aim of introducing flat design was to oppose the artificial design strategies and move toward simple and digital aesthetics.

What is Flat Design?

Flat design is a modern style of graphic and user interface design. It uses minimum elements, excluding the usage of gradients, complex colors, highlights or other shiny and textured effects.

In short, flat designs help to focus on the content on a web page.

Wondering how flat design focuses on content to make it appear more important?

The minimalist approach of flat design helps to ensure that it does not distract the viewers. It emphasizes simplicity and makes the interface faster and more responsive.

Here’s a quick look at the major ways in which Flat Design helps businesses on the graphic designing front.

Embrace Simplicity

This is surely the best thing about flat design. When you design your website using flat design, everything looks really clean and simple and thus, is irresistible.

Regardless of whether you want to create a web template, character design, or an icon, flat designs look the best. This is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, simplest way to give life to your creation.

Simple designs can convey messages faster than detailed illustrations.

Ensure Perfection

When you use flat icons or UI elements, ensure that the design looks crisp, accurate and, of course, picture perfect. This is necessary for both the raster and vector graphics.

Vector graphics, in fact, work really well with simple flat shapes that have distinct grids and colors. You can use various designing tools with flexible settings to change units, guides, and grids as required and align objects too. This will help you create perfect designs that look clean and crisp on all displays.

Avoid Effects

To maintain consistency, avoid using effects, such as glow, blur, or gradients. This can ultimately destroy the very charm of flat designs. Remember, it’s important to keep flat designs as simple as possible.

One of the best ways to keep your design safe is by using a flat design shadow. It is easy to create and can also add a special touch to your creation.

Opt for the Correct Fonts

You must use the right fonts if you want to design a proper website. Typography plays an extremely important role in flat designs too.

Sans Serif font, for example, is quite popular among designers looking to create flat designs. Simple typefaces look good, making the piece clear and readable. You can also go for contrast colours and uppercase letters as the text looks legible.

No matter how you want to use them, choose the font carefully. It must emphasise your design and look good. You can even go for the complex handwritten fonts with additional elements. However, while selecting the font, you must stick to a minimalist design.


Flat designs are certainly trendy, but make sure you do not limit yourself to using similar techniques and visual elements. Though this is in fashion now, you can always choose other design styles for your project. If you are a beginner in flat design, you can start designing the small icons. After you are comfortable with this technique, go for the more complicated illustrations or try to find another field of design.