Imposition of global lockdown due to coronavirus already has a significant impact on businesses around the world. Standard operations are disrupted and with no possible resolutions in sight, companies in different sectors are combating multiple challenges.

To survive and thrive today, companies must evolve and adapt to the situation.

What is the first step to that?

Foster a bond with the consumers. And this leads to one of the most important uses of social media in marketing – Crowd Marketing.

It is a form of marketing that blends search engine optimisation, social media marketing and content creation to generate leads. It prioritises direct interaction of a brand with the consumer base.

How Crowd Marketing Can Help?

These days, businesses around the world are using this method to survive and move ahead. There are multiple ways in which Crowd Marketing can help your business.

  • By using social media activities and redirecting it toward your brand, you can strengthen your bond with consumers, turning the silent fans into strong brand advocates.
  • It helps in increasing sales and interest in business by involving a large number of people.
  • This form of online marketing allows businesses to narrate their story, engaging conversation across different social platforms.


Crowd marketing helps you as an entrepreneur to reach out to their target audience groups only. It improves your SEO strategies and plays a dominant role in ensuring online success.

Why Should You Use?

Businesses around the world are using Crowd Marketing for survival and thriving. You should not be avoiding it. Instead, it’s time to leverage this method to the fullest.

Wondering why you should do that?

Here’s a quick look at the benefits…

Benefits of Crowd Marketing

Crowd Marketing Types

Crowd marketing comes with some basic formats. Let us have a look.

  • Classic crowd marketing: This form involves publishing high-quality content on multiple communication platforms.
  • Backlink generation: This maximises website traffic and also inspires other content creators to publish backlinks that lead to your website.
  • Content distribution: This involves publishing content in multiple platforms, such as blogs, websites, email campaigns, social networks, and so on.
  • Reputation management: This form focuses ensuring that the comments and mentions that your business receives online are not harmful to the brand image.

How to Run a Successful Crowd Marketing Campaign

Though things look great, you need to keep a lot of things in mind while running a campaign. It is quite time-consuming as you need to handle the following activities:

  • Research to find the relevant communities and forums.
  • Create accounts in all these communities and build a reputation before posting a link.
  • Pay membership fee for joining a few online communities.
  • Search for relevant threads and post helpful replies.

Crowd marketing is chiefly based on communication. You are not selling anything directly, but you can increase sales eventually through this campaign.

Your objective should be to earn the trust of your consumers so that they start believing your service or product to be the best in the market.