What do you think about Web Banners?

Yes, we see them every day and they are surely one of the best additions to marketing campaigns.

Therefore, if you’re planning to kickstart a marketing campaign for your business, you must have web banners in the list of marketing tools.

Web banners are usually great to look at. However, not all of them are effective. And while you design a web banner, remember that only a properly created one can help you convert your leads.

Wondering how you can design a web banner in a way that it is effective?

Here’s a quick look at some of the steps that can help you design a web banner that can help you convert the leads.

Include the Major Parts

What are the major parts of a web banner?

The answer is simple. When you design a web banner, you must ensure that it has two parts:

  • An offer
  • A call to action

While the offer can help you attract the attention of the customers, the call to action will help you convert the leads collected through the web banners.

Include a Strong Call to Action

The banner ads must come with a strong call to action.

Some users look at your ad just the way they look at advertisements displayed on the roadside. They observe and store it in their memory, unaware whether they should click it or not. Speak out, so that the users know what are you promoting.

The call to action must be visually engaging. You can use the right size, color and shape of fonts and design. Moreover, it’s important to communicate a sense of urgency.

Remember, when you put a deadline on the offer, people will click it faster, afraid of losing it.

Keep the Objective and Design Aesthetics Right

When you look at web banners, you don’t feel attracted to all of them. Though some banners look perfect, others evoke irritation and confusion.

Do you know why?

Because the objective of designing the banner is not clearly conveyed to you. Besides, the aesthetic appeal is also missing. Therefore, when you design a web banner, you must have a clear idea of what you want to do with it. Moreover, you must keep the design aesthetics right.

To begin with, you must not use more than one image in the background. And if you’re not using any image, keep the design limited to only two colors. You can use Adobe’s Color Wheel for the color themes.

If you are using a white background while you design a web banner, include a border to make it prominent. Besides, even when you are designing banners in different sizes, stick to the same theme to maintain continuity.

Use Visually Rich Image

Research says that images are much more capable of evoking response, compared to text. However, generic images can barely evoke interest.

Therefore, when you design a web banner, you must select the images prudently. Find out images that can entice the customers enough to make them stop and go through the text. The more creative and interesting your image is, the more clicks your web banner is going to get.

Write Winning Headlines

Copywriting — it’s the art of saying a lot of things within a small space and in little time.

You will see some banners pack in a lot of information. This looks messy and disorganized.

When you design a web banner, communicate your messages in just one or two sentences. And don’t forget to keep them short and sweet.

The truth is — people don’t have the time to go through your five-sentences banner ad. So, if you can’t say it in a couple of sentences, don’t say it at all.

Be witty and ask people to do something. If you construct your headlines as an action, people are quite likely to perform that action.

Banner headings are different from blogs. Remember that you just have a fraction of a second to catch the attention of your potential customers. So, don’t waste the time saying things you need not say.

Be Relevant

Like a business plan or a logo, the advertising banners must keep up with time. Fight the temptation to use the same design for months or years at a stretch.

When you see that the advertisement is neither relevant to your audience nor in line with the strategy, avoid making adjustments to it.

Instead, create a new one.

Add new offers, change visual elements, and experiment with bold effects. Your customers will love your endeavors.


Creating a website banner is not that tough. Is it? All you need to do is incorporate a compelling and clean message while adding a sense of urgency. It will help you stand apart in competition and be successful.