Why is organic traffic important for your business website?

The reason is simple.

Most of the people look for products or services on the internet by searching for a certain keyword. And when they get the list of results, they hardly go beyond the first few links on the list.

Therefore, if you want your business to be accessible by the innumerable customers looking for products and services online, your business must appear among the first few links. Only then you can connect with the maximum number of audience. In short, to get the maximum number of customers online, you have to increase organic traffic to your website significantly.

However, the process to increase organic traffic to a website is easier said than done. And this is a challenge faced by most of the businesses.

Did you know?

Organic search is responsible for 51% of website traffic. It generates as much as 40% of business revenues.

Source: Brightedge

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the search marketing teams constantly strive to generate more search traffic.

The ordinary users trust the search engine results pages much more than advertisements and links that are marked as ads. So, proper optimisation, coupled with the use of promising channels, can ensure good results.

Here are a few tips to increase organic traffic to your business website.

Find the Best Performing Pages of Your Competitors

When you know about the SEO strategy of your competitors, your website is bound to perform better.

Figure out what is helping your competitors to succeed and take a much more informed decision. Analysis of the competitor’s pages can help you pin-point concerns, such as:

  • A content or keyword gap
  • Opportunity to improve existing content
  • Link gap

When you work on these aspects and improve your website’s pages, it will certainly help you increase organic traffic to your website.

Re-Optimise Existing Content

One of the best ways to increase organic traffic is re-optimisation of the existing content that is not performing.

What is non-performing content?

Non-performing content is content that is not getting anticipated traffic. It is the content you and your team gave time and effort to, but it simply refuses to perform.

You can use Google Analytics to find out how much traffic each page of your website is getting. Review some pages of your website that has great content, but is not getting enough traffic.

Re-optimise these pieces. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  • Add new sections where you can provide updated information.
  • Include headings to make the text easy to read.
  • Refresh the content by including new keywords.
  • Include new images.

Eliminate Technical Errors

If your website has technical errors, it is not going to perform as you expect it to. Therefore, you must work toward eliminating the technical errors from your website to increase organic traffic.

You can identify and eliminate technical errors by adopting the following methods:

  • Self-check
  • Site audit through professionals

Eliminate the identified errors yourself or get professional help. This will make your website much more attractive both to search engines and users. Site audit will also help you get rid of duplicates, identify affiliates, speed up the website, and solve other concerns.

Get a Mobile Version of Your Website

Most internet users prefer to choose and order products from their mobile devices.

It is never the right thing to lose out on such a huge audience.

Have a mobile version of your website to increase subscriptions and sales. You can create either a mobile version or opt for an adaptive design.

Optimise for Better Click-through Rate

Well, positioning your website on the first page is just half the job done.

You need to convince searchers to click your website rather than those of your competitors.

When you optimise for click-through rate, you earn double benefit. First, entice the searchers away from your competitors and increase your own traffic. Second, you send positive signals to the search engines. High click-through rate is one of the many ways Google prioritises search results.


Correct internal and external optimisation, elimination of technical errors, and competitive analysis help to increase organic traffic. Certainly, you can handle some tasks on your own, but you must entrust the rest to professionals. Proper implementation of these tasks will ensure a long-lasting result, increasing organic traffic and sales.