Designing and developing a mobile application isn’t rocket science. It’s quite easy if you follow a few set steps. However, mobile application development makes no sense if the application is not widely used. And for that, it is extremely important to make the mobile application, which you’ve developed, successful. This, however, is never easy and requires a lot of planning.

Yes, making a mobile application successful is not difficult. All it requires is the right planning and execution of the plans.

If you have plans to build a mobile app for your business, you must know the complete process of mobile application development.

Wondering why you need to know the whole mobile application development process when you might not be a part of the whole process?

This is because, having a know-how of the mobile application development process from start to end will ensure that you do not waste time or resources when the mobile application is in its development stage.

Though there are several stages when it comes to developing a mobile application, we will try to broadly categorise it into a few stages.

Plan Right

Planning is one of the most significant parts of mobile application development. When you develop a mobile application, you must have clear ideas about:

  • The aim of the mobile application.
  • The target audience.
  • The time required to build the application.
  • The platform where the application will be developed.

Having an answer to all these questions will help you develop the application.

Research on your competitors too. While analysing other mobile applications available in the market, find out the missing features and the drawbacks of your competitors. You can address them while planning your mobile application development.

Create Wireframes

Documenting and creating the wireframe of the application is the next step to understand the functionalities of the app. Draw a detailed sketch of the product. This will help you uncover the usability concerns.

Sketching will help a long way in tracing the steps you need to follow during mobile application development. After you are done sketching, wireframe it. This will help to refine your ideas and arrange all components of the design. You can also overcome technical limitations in this stage.

Test Feasibility of the Application

Before you design the application, ensure that it’s technically feasible. The back-end system must support your application’s functionality. You can do this by sourcing the public APIs. Also, different platforms come with their own specific technical specifications. Knowledge of technical feasibility will save your time later.

Design the Application

Designing the app comes long before developing it. You can take the help of professional designers to sail through it.

While designing, you must focus on a few things. For example, you have to ensure that the application looks good. And one of the most important things is to make it user friendly.

Develop the Application

Application development comes with a number of steps. All complexities related to building an application are addressed in this phase.

The programming or the development phase needs all the attention, so that you can create it free from bugs.

Make sure your application is unique and functional, capacitated to meet market needs.

Test your Application

To err is human. While coding during mobile application development, the developers may commit a few mistakes. You can easily resolve them by testing your application.

It is crucial to identify all bugs before you officially release the application. Apps with a lot of bugs can never create the right impression. Therefore, you must test the application time and again before its official release to ensure that it is almost free from bugs.

Launch the Application

Are you done with the mobile application development?

Are you satisfied the way your app is performing?

Then it’s now time to let the world know about the application by launching it. When your application is ready to launch, register it in multiple App stores.

However, launching the final version of the application does not mean that the process is done. You need to update and maintain it to ensure the best experience.


Developing a mobile application is a complex job. However, if you systematically follow a step-by-step approach during mobile application development, you can certainly achieve your goal.