Our Key Features

Web Based Applications

Web development is a term that relates to any activity involved in creating a website. Some of these tasks include usability, information architecture, accessibility, programming, coding, web design, content development, and web server configuration. We have many experienced professionals who would work together on various aspects for available projects to achieve the web development goals.

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Website Design

Xfinity Solution has been building successful On-line operations for large and small business nationwide. We have experienced designers in all aspects of business operations and are valuable assets in the creation of a successful Internet business. Our experienced team is fluent in every aspect of web site design, E-commerce website design and operations. Each of our Custom Website Designs is unique and designed for commercial success.

Graphic and Logo Design

Our graphic design operations offer the best custom graphic, logo design and advertising services at affordable rates. With artists, animation specialists, illustrators and advertising specialists your project is in good hands from concept to completion.

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Customized Software Development

At Xfinity Solution, we start with the core philosophy of thinking that software should coordinate the business procedure of the organization, not the reverse way around. Customized software development is getting increasingly normal for organizations who need to improve the proficiency of their day by day activities.

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Webinar Services

 One of the advantages of webinar services is that it allows the audience to attend the webinar from any part of the world without occupying a big physical space for gathering all the participants and moderators. This brings down the expense of travelling, venue and numerous different logistics enormously.

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Mobile Apps

In this sector we deliver brilliant designs supported by world-class designers. Before we get too enthusiastic about building, we put together a mobile strategy, our execution strategy come in accordance to our clients’ long and short term goals.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an area of website development that seeks to improve the way content is ranked by search engines in organic search results. We analyse your business and come up with the right SEO strategy for you.

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We have gained enough experience and expertise to deliver outstanding WordPress websites matching clients’ requirements. We have huge expertise in plugin and themes customization too. Following a well-defined strategy, we provide exceptional WordPress solutions that help the clients achieve their business goals. With immense industry experience, we are capable of handling all the diverse types of WordPress application development needs.

Content Writing

Web content plays the most important role in attracting your visitors to explore the site entirely. We have a team of experienced content writers who knows how to create content for your target audience. We don’t compromise with quality to meet your deadline. Because in the end quality content always stands out.

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We offer analytics services, to ensure that our client has a scope of improvement every day. Our analytic services study your past, elevate your present and provide strategy for your future. This helps in finding loopholes in the organization if any. Analytic services are an aid in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the business henceforth, making you prepared for every situation.

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B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation is a fair core activity for marketing. B2B marketing is a crucial part of any business process. While a brand needs to connect to customers, it also needs to need to connect with suppliers and business clients. It helps businesses find prospects, ink bulk supply deals, sign contracts and network with partners.
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Virtual Assistant Services

Organizations all over the world today are realizing the importance of not spending too much time performing non-core business and administrative tasks. At the same time, delegating such tasks can be tricky, especially for businesses that are just starting off. Our virtual assistant services are ideal for businesses that need the expertise of a professional, ever-present assistant, but do not have the means of hiring one. Our VA’s are there every time you need them, and our services span a variety of verticals and include call answering services, accounting, and bookkeeping services, appointment scheduling, data entry services, internet research services, etc.
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