Writing great content is a matter of choice. All you need to do is put in a bit of time and effort for great content writing and building a brand.

You can also take the easier path and write poor content or create no content at all. However, this path leads to nowhere, but wastes time, energy, and resources.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that everyone wants to write great content.

Creating great content day in and day out is quite exhausting. Coming up with creative ideas is tough. However, a go-to list that helps you create excellent content can be of great help.

Here, is a list of ingredients you can try out to ensure that your content writing is great.

Great Headings and Sub Headings

Headings and subheadings are an integral part of good content.

Do you know why your content required excellent, eye-catching headings and subheadings?

Because creative and proper written headings spark interest among the readers. They send out the invite to the readers to go through your post.

So, how can you create great headings and subheads?

The first thing you need to ensure to make them attractive is that they must be short and positive.

Take out time to invest in content writing for creating a great heading. The very first thing people read, strong and catchy headlines help people decide whether they want to go through your write-up.

Have a Purpose

An article is supposed to communicate a point to the readers.

If your article has a point, your readers will get something to hold their interest. They will also feel more compelled to share and comment on it, or even engage with it. The purpose of content marketing is driving in profitable customer action.

The idea is to sell. You are writing to sell. Ensure that you never lose sight of the prize. When you are engaging in content writing for marketing, it must elicit some action.

Make sure to keep your content as simple as possible. Do not scare off readers with words they seldom use. Avoid over thinking and be sensitive, respectful, and fun.

Write Original Content

Originality is one of the most common yet important ingredients of commendable content.

Think outside the box.

Try to capture the mind of readers with something unique, something that you craft with plenty of creativity. Research properly before you engage in content writing or creating a copy. Ensure that your work is new and totally original. Researched work ensures killer content, which, in turn, secure shares and links.

If you are doing your research online, ensure that you use multiple sources. Pick the main points and then start writing from scratch. Do not copy the content, if you are not eager to be penalised by the search engines.

Let me assure you, both your users and Google are in love with unique content.

You cannot even duplicate your own work. However, you can definitely create links back to your past works.

Google and other search engines are becoming cleverer with every passing day and you must keep up with the pace through smart content writing.

Be Ready to Provide Answers

Do you know why people read blogs or watch videos?

Because they are looking for answers to some of the questions they have. They can also want to gain some knowledge and that too, fast.

While you perform content writing, make it easy to go through. This will help your readers know the content just by skimming through it. Remember that as a writer, your job is to provide answers and offer supporting details to your audience.


When you’re engaging in content writing, ensure that you’re not treating it lightly, no matter what kind of content writing you are performing. Take out plenty of time to do the research. Create grammatically correct sentences and organize them properly to ensure that they make sense and are great to read as well.