In an age when the business landscape is becoming increasingly competitive, businesses must perform well to remain in the fray. For this, you have to invest a good amount of time in the core business activities and design proper strategies to excel. However, finding the extra time is quite difficult, as you have to focus on various additional tasks, which are essential to run the business.

Wondering how to find more time to focus on your core business activities?

You can do that by hiring Virtual Assistant.

Yes, that’s one of the ways to complete your mundane day to day activities that are essential to run the business. And remember, in the long run, a virtual assistant is going to be one of the most significant hires you make as an entrepreneur.

If you are tired and overwhelmed building your business, you are far from being alone. Most entrepreneurs work long because they are unaware of the ways to leverage time and delegating it to others efficiently.

It’s crucial to hire someone to whom you can delegate specific tasks – tasks that are not integral to your core business, but are necessary to run it. Otherwise, you end up wasting your valuable time as well as energy on activities that seldom contribute to business growth and revenue generation. Hence, you should focus on hiring Virtual Assistant.

Hiring Virtual Assistant and incorporating them in your company’s growth strategies is probably one of the best decisions that you make as a business owner.

Let us find out what exactly the virtual assistants do and why hiring Virtual Assistant can be a good decision for your business.

Virtual Assistants provide different types of services to businesses and entrepreneurs. It can be anything from scheduling appointments or management of personal tasks to digital marketing.

Here are a few ways to go about hiring Virtual Assistant for your business to ensure that the task is productive.

  • Document the tasks to outsource
  • Describe the profile of the ideal candidate
  • Determine the time when Virtual Assistants must work
  • Set clear expectations
  • Contact a vendor instead of an individual

Document the Tasks to Outsource

Make a list of the processes and tasks you plan to delegate after hiring Virtual Assistant.

You need not outsource everything right away. Start off by delegating one or two tasks to someone.

How about handing over the job of email management, outreach, and research to a Virtual Assistant?

While hiring a specialised Virtual Assistant, document the outcomes you need rather than specific tasks or processes.

Describe the Profile of the Ideal Candidate

As your new hire will be working remotely, ensure that you know the skills they need for being productive, apart from typical job needs.

For example, you may find them more useful if they are familiar with task management and collaboration tools.

If you need any soft skill, you may mention that as well.

Determine the Time Virtual Assistants Need to Work

While starting out, you may require only a few hours in a month. When you add up activities, you may need your Virtual Assistants to work for a few hours every week. You must keep this in mind while hiring Virtual Assistant.

When you know how much time you need your Virtual Assistant to work, you can also set a budget.

Set Clear Expectations

Most business owners overlook this point, but this is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to hiring Virtual Assistant. Set a clear expectation and communicate it to your Virtual Assistant.

Even when you hire the most skilled Virtual Assistants, if you do not set your expectations, you will not be able to use them to their full potential.

After you decide hiring a particular Virtual Assistant, set up a meeting and let them know your expectations from the very beginning.

Contact a Vendor Instead of an Individual

If you contact a vendor while hiring Virtual Assistant, it saves a lot of hassles for you.

This is suitable primarily for projects that do not require direct supervision and are not from the core areas of operation your business is involved in.

This comes with an advantage. You need not worry about choosing a candidate. Instead, the firm will be choosing one for you.


Though the very concept of hiring someone you may never meet in person may seem strange, by using the right tools, you can easily maintain a productive and enjoyable relationship with your virtual staff.