Are you looking to generate leads for your business or to attract your potential and existing customers?

There might be many ways to do that. However, one of them has surely been tried and tested successfully in the recent years.

It’s a webinar.

Using a webinar to generate leads and win over customers isn’t easy. However, having proper skills to promote your webinar can help you do that.

To meet the goals while you promote your webinar, you must have effective strategies.

There are several ways to promote your webinar.

Let us have a look.

Use a Well-Optimized Landing Page

Before you promote your webinar, remember that you’re looking to bring customers to your website. Therefore, you need to create an optimized landing page for your website.

So, what is an optimized landing page?

It’s nothing but a website landing page that has a few essentials, which include:

  • Information on what you will discuss
  • What your audience will learn by attending the webinar
  • Time and date of the webinar
  • A registration form

After designing the landing page, ensure that the rest of the conversion path looks sensible.

What about a thank you note that confirms that the registration was successful?

You can also ask them if they have any questions. By asking for inputs, you are letting them know that you care for the things they want to learn. This will also increase their chances of attending the program. Moreover, you are also getting a topic to speak on.

Go for an Engaging Topic

No matter how much you promote your webinar, no one is going to listen if the topic is not good enough. You need a captivating topic for your webinar.

If you already have a topic in your mind, go for it.

If you are still thinking of a topic, Google Analytics can help you find the topic. It will list you the topics that your target audience are presently searching for. Go for the topics that are in discussion in your niche. You can also use social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook to find a topic. And once you finalize the topic, you can start the processes to promote your webinar.

Give Something Special to the Attendees

Think of something that will get people excited, make them feel special, and remember the experience of your webinar in future.

What about running a contest?

You can ask your audience to tweet something about the webinar and pick the winner in the webinar. It can also work as a great way to promote your webinar, even the future ones.

Do Proper Research

There is no substitute for an in-depth research. Delve into one yourself.

So, take a look at what other businesses or companies put out in their webinar before you set up a webinar of your own.

Even if you are a wizard, see how other people present their topics. There are hundreds of webinars out there, on a wide range of topics. Watching them will tell you much more than any other theory.

Once you have decided the topic and planned the way to present it, you can start to promote your webinar.

Create a Presentation

A presentation will help you to visualize the webinar outline. An ideal presentation consists of the following:

  • Title and introduction slides
  • Slide for all major points
  • Additional slides to explain major points
  • Mix of the text-only and visual slides
  • Graphics and images

Ensure that all major points have a dedicated slide. This way, the audience will not get confused about what is being discussed. If you do not use a proper presentation, your audience might lose interest and leave the webinar.

Use Emails

Want to promote your webinar?

Go back to the age-old method of using emails.

Emails drive about 80% of registrations for promotions.

Therefore, nothing can be as handy a tool as a emails when you’re looking to promote your webinar. This also makes email one of the most effective marketing channels for webinars.

Follow a pattern when you’re using email to promote your webinar. Send the first promotional emails three to four weeks before the webinar and increase the frequency when you are close to the event.


If you’re planning to hold webinar, you have to promote your webinar. The process might seem a bit intimidating at first. However, if you follow the right steps, you’ll be able to attract a good number of participants and make your webinar successful.