Creating a landing page to promote your service is not extremely difficult. However, even after you have created a landing page, a question lingers on.

Does the task of creating a landing page help in any way to convey a message to boost conversion?

Consumers of today are hard to convince. Therefore, the struggle that businesses face in converting leads acquired through digital marketing is quite real.

The good news is: you can follow a few measures to boost the conversion rate.

To understand why your website is not converting, you need to understand the meaning of user experience or UX and the role it plays in converting a user.

What is UX?

UX or User Experience refers to the way a user feels while interacting with your website.

Therefore, to ensure that your existing and potential customers find your business website engaging, you need to improve the landing page UX of the site. Otherwise, the visitors won’t stay long on your website, thus increasing the bounce rates.

Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the ways to improve landing page UX and reduce the bounce rate.

Tips to Improve Website's UX and Reduce Bounce Rate


Keep a Clean Layout

What is it that drives the visitors to your website away?

Cluttered layout, of course.

More untidy and dishevelled the layout of your website is more it is going to be unattractive for your target audience. Besides, with too many things scattered on the screen, it is not possible for anyone to set their attention on a certain thing. Therefore, with a cluttered layout, it becomes difficult for you to attract your audience while marketing a product or service.

Wondering how you can solve this issue?

The first thing that you need to do is to step back and take a look at your design.

Are all the elements that you’ve included on the landing page relevant?

If not, cut down on the unnecessary stuffs.

Remember, your visual elements and text must come together logically to keep your message loud and clear. Getting the right landing page UX can change how viewers look at your website and improve bounce rates for your website.


Incorporate Videos and Images

You must have heard the old adage: A picture speaks a thousand words. If that is true then videos must be worth much more. Whatever may be the case, you have to include both videos and images on the landing pages to increase conversion rates.


Did you know?

Videos on the landing pages increase the chances of lead conversion up to 80%.


While including videos and images for your landing pages, you must ensure that they are of the highest quality.  Remember, adding low-quality images and videos can have a negative impact on the brand value of your business. However, it’s important to keep the sizes of the images lower than 100 kb. Images of greater size can take up too much bandwidth to load, which causes the pages to load slowly.


Don’t Ignore Textual Content

While images and videos are surely extremely important for the landing pages of your website, text content does not have any less contribution toward its performance.

Since the earliest of times, Content has always been the King. And this holds true as much for images and videos as for textual content. Visual content may certainly attract the users, but you cannot afford to lose any of them because you ignored the text on your website. You have to keep them of the highest quality to ensure that they help in enhancing your website’s landing page UX.

Your content must entice the end users, explaining the why and what of your service or product.

To ensure that the users find the pages easily, use keywords in the content.  Ensure that you incorporate other related terms and discuss the solutions that your services or products offer.

You must arrange the textual content in an attractive way to improve the landing page UX of the site.


Incorporate Testimonials

How is your product or service performing?

The best way to find this out is to check out what the customers are saying about the products and services. Therefore, it’s the customer testimonials that describe the performance of your business best. Besides, customer testimonials go really long helping users trust your brand.

Therefore, ensure that you’re displaying the customer testimonials on the landing pages and at all relevant places. Put them in the right way to improve landing page UX. When users see that your service or product has delivered value to real people, they are much more likely to convert.


Request Minimum Information

Asking your users to fill up a huge form will frustrate them, especially if you are asking for irrelevant details.

Users may not want to provide so much detail and even mistrust you. The result: they will leave the landing page, resulting in increased bounce rate for your business. Therefore, ask for minimum information. Besides, include a Privacy Policy page even if you have a small form. This will help the users know how you will be using the information, this providing better clarity.



Just as it is easy to create a landing page, creating an effective landing page that boosts the conversion rate is not that tough either. Just follow these simple tips and you are done creating a landing page that stands tall amidst competition. And when the landing page of your website attracts attention of the users and engages them, the bounce rate is sure to come down significantly.