Can you think of a world without smartphones?

Well, probably no one can anymore.

Smartphones have penetrated day to day lives across the globe in such a way that it’s difficult to spend a day without them. And innumerable mobile applications are being developed every day to make the smartphones handier for the users. Now you can view maps, order foods, book cabs, and do many other things from your smartphone.

Did You Know?

With 179 billion mobile applications downloaded every year, mobile application development is one of the most innovative and actively growing sectors globally.

Therefore, every other developer or business is trying to develop mobile applications.

Are you looking to be a force to reckon with in the field of mobile application development in 2021?

Then you need to have a clear idea about the mobile application development trends in 2021.

Here’s a quick look at the mobile application development trends in 2021.

Foldable Devices will Rule

Foldable mobile devices are expected to become extremely popular in near future.

In fact, Samsung, who has introduced foldable devices, has already announced that they will introduce a double-folding smartphone soon. This step can revolutionize the world of smartphones.

To keep up with this mobile application development trend, Google has also announced Android Support for Samsung’s foldable devices.

Therefore, it’s time businesses beef up their game and go with this major one among the mobile application development trends in 2021. They must make the apps compatible with foldable devices as well.

Artificial Intelligence will Join Hands with Machine Learning

All of us are aware of the mobile application, FaceApp. It rose to fame because of the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It adds filters to the user’s photo, showing what they would look like when older or younger.

Popular mobile applications, such as Google Assistant, Cortana, and Replika also use AI. And in AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are gaining ground. However, the mobile application development trends in 2021 suggest that Deep Learning is expected to join Machine Learning. And when that happens, it can help the mobile application development by providing real-time analytics and valuable data.

Advanced 5G Network will Enhance Security

The 5G network is expected to arrive in full fledge in 2021. Once that happens, it will revolutionize the mobile application development industry. In fact, it’s going to determine how the mobile applications will operate from now.

Remember, the 5G network is not going to just increase the speed. It will also provide better security for the mobile applications.

M-Commerce will Continue to Thrive

Most analysts believe that the positive trend in mobile purchase will continue to drive one of the major mobile application development trends in 2021. With it, more and more m-commerce apps will be introduced. As a result, consumers will also adapt to m-commerce.

The popularity of Google Wallet and Apple Pay facilitates the purchase using mobile phones, as opposed to the debit and credit cards. Thus, the developers must build a mobile application capacitated to process transactions without debit and credit cards, or cash.

Conversational Chatbots will Increase

Most buyers prefer the DIY custom service tools for online purchase. Chatbots are one of the best ways to ensure customer relationship management.

According to a research, there are about 1.8 million apps in Apple Play Store and 2.5 million apps in Google Play Store. However, not many apps deploy chatbots for better UI and UX services.

According to the mobile application development trends in 2021, the use of conversational chatbots are expected to increase. They are going to help businesses mimic human behavior to gain customers.

Low or No Code App Development will be Common

The low or no code app development is one of the most notable and reliable trends in mobile application development. With advancements made in the technological era, the app development trends have improved significantly.

These days, writing hundreds of lines of codes is becoming obsolete.

Instead of writing long codes, people use high-end graphical configurations and user interface to develop feature-rich applications.

This trend has transformed a significant part of the mobile application development sector.

With reduced cost, rapid development, and scalable capabilities, low or no code app development is a major part of the mobile application development trends in 2021.


The mobile application development trends in 2021 are expected to drive how the mobile apps are going to be this year. If you’re planning to develop any mobile app, you can follow these trends to create applications, which your customers will love.