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Best Color Combinations You Can Use for Your Logo Design

Colors are one of the most significant things to consider in web designing. Even when you’re engaging in logo design, you have to focus on the right color combinations.

People are drawn toward a few hues as colors are good at evoking emotional response, both positive as well as negative.

So, how to use colors to your advantage and ensure the designs evoke the desired response?

Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the information about colors, which will help you understand them more. Thus, you can find out the ways colors affect choice and how can you use it with more efficiency in your logo design.

How to Choose the Right Color Scheme?

Different colors refer to different things and emotions. Thus, it is good to get an idea of the color schemes that are popularly used in the industry before you start the journey of your logo design.

Even while rebranding, trying a different color scheme may help you change your brand image.

Here are a few things to remember while finding the perfect color scheme when you are engaging in logo design:

  • Know your brand voice
  • Analyze the color schemes used by your competitors
  • Understand color psychology perfectly

When you’re engaging in logo design, it’s always better to stick to two or three colors and form an enchanting combination with them.

Let’s begin with the basics.

Two Color Combinations

Regardless of whether you are designing a logo, painting a house, or adding text to video, it is quite likely that you will be dealing with multiple colors.

You can always use more than one color.

So, how many colors do you want to use when you’re engaging in logo design?

If you’ve just started experimenting with the logo, you can start with a couple of colors. Two-color or bi-colored logos are quite popular in the industry. Contrasting shades are often used, creating an eye-catching effect.

Wondering which two colors you should use while going for the logo design?

Here are a few popular two-color combinations that can help you choose.

  • Blue and Yellow: Attention grabber in nature, yellow can set a youthful backdrop against authoritative blue. This combination is confident and playful, giving the impression that the company behind the symbol can be trusted.
  • Black and White: The classic color combinations cannot get more timeless than black and white. However, timeless certainly does not mean stagnant. According to the trend predictions of 2021, black and white is all set to be huge. This combination works great because white is peaceful, while black is dominant and strong. Opposites in nature, these contrasting colors are quite effective. Though it may be overwhelming if used in large doses, when placed beside each other, they enhance the effect.
  • Orange and Black: Enthusiastic orange looks good on powerful black, creating a sense of mystery and thrill. This combination in logo is perfect for brands promising adrenaline rush, such as nightclubs or extreme sports.
  • Red and Yellow: This combination draws attention to the logo, creating a sense of playfulness and energy.
  • Pink and Purple: This combination wraps playfulness, ambition, and warmth. While pink adds energy, purple acts mature as its counterpart. This combination is popularly used in the blogging and beauty industries.

Three-Color Combinations

These combinations are harder to pin down, as there are several options.

It is better to opt for two contrasting colors and one complimentary color. However, there are exceptions too!

  • Blue, Yellow, and Green: This takes two primary colors, throwing the secondary into mix. This combination looks wise and youthful.
  • Navy Blue, Yellow, Beige: Blue is one of the most used colors in logos. Beige will act as a bridge between the primary colors, reducing blue’s seriousness and increasing the liveliness of yellow, imparting a balanced and professional feel.


Remember, the color schemes can cause both positive and negative emotions while creating the logo. Therefore, you must choose them carefully based on your requirement.

The color combination you choose is going to tell a story. Ensure that this story resonates with your target audience to create a long-lasting effect.



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