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How Can You Improve SEO through User-Generated Content

For user-generated content, the name says it all.

It is a type of content, which is created by the users of an online platform. This form of content has a wide variety. This can be almost anything, ranging from photos and videos to product reviews. It elicits social proof, validating the trustworthiness of your business.

User-generated content is really powerful now, as people are influenced by the actions and advices of others. When a product is recommended by your friend, you are much more likely to use it.

Yes, it’s true that most buyers turn to others while purchasing a product. This is why user-generated content is becoming increasingly important with every passing day.

Remember, when you promote your brand through user-generated content, you can build trust.

In fact, integration of user-generated content in SEO campaigns help a lot. Here are a few ways user-generated content can impact SEO strategy of your business.

Relevant and Fresh Content

Content creation is a significant part of SEO.

Do you know why?

Because content influences how your website will rank in the search results.

When you have high-quality content, Google will rank your website higher. This ensures that more people visit your website and know about your brand.

Unique, fresh, and relevant content helps to engage users. A constant stream of unique content is necessary today, but this is a rigorous task that requires not just time, but significant monetary investments too.

User-generated content allows you to curate relevant and valuable content with minimal investment. The content of the user will make your brand a consumer-friendly name for the new visitors.

Long-Tail Keywords or Key phrases

Customer testimonials, reviews, and client quotes have remained a staple of user-generated content since the very inception of marketing website. According to a study, as much as 67% of the consumers are influenced by reviews.

Long-tail keywords are quite different from the usual keywords. These are phrases that users include in the search engines when they are not aware of the exact word to search for. User-generated content is filled with such keywords, as users love sharing content in a communicative and raw language. Therefore, they can help you target these keywords and generate traffic from them. Moreover, the competition for long-tail keywords is also not as high as it is for the short keywords. So, it is easier to target and rank higher for these keywords. You can filter user-generated content to find these words and use them on your website to get more traffic.

Building the Trust

If you want your website to rank high in the search results, you need quality content that can be trusted. The search engines want to provide the audience with best information, that is trustworthy and credible. To make your content visible to valuable leads, you need to build authority. Reviews and feedbacks will help build trust and authority of your website. When your website has abundant positive feedback, the search engines will rank your website higher, as you are trusted by your audience.


Though user-generated content plays a dominant role in creating a positive impact, it can also lead to a negative influence if you do not monitor it. This is especially true for reviews and testimonials. A poor review that remains unanswered can create a negative impact not just on your brand, but your search results too. Therefore, you need to use such type of content in a proper way. It is always a good idea to review the content and approve it before it is published on the portal. Only then you can remain assured that the content you’re getting on your portal from the consumers is of the highest quality and will help your brand.



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